Friday, May 13, 2011

crafting with grandma - Here's a Hug for Daddy!

Every Thursday I'll share a crafting idea for you . . . one you might enjoy making with your grandchildren! Since Father's Day is just a touch over a month away, the craft for today is "Here's a Hug for Daddy" t-shirts!

Supplies -
Directions -
  • spread newspapers over your work area
  • allow your grandchild(ren) to choose a color of paint they would like to paint their hands . . . if each child chooses one color, then they will be able to show their dad which hand-prints are their hand-prints!
  • place several sheets of folded newspaper inside the t-shirt
  • put a small amount of paint on a paper plate and add an equal amount of textile medium - stir so it is well blended - the textile medium will keep the hand-prints from washing out of the shirt
  • one at a time, paint your grandchild(ren)s hands and allow them to carefully make a hand-print on the t-shirt - allow one side to dry before adding hand-prints to the other side
  • when you have put all the hand-prints on the shirt, write, "Here's a Hug for Daddy" with the paint pen
  • after the shirt has dried help your grandchild(ren) gift wrap the shirt for their dad
As your grandchild(ren) are working on this project, talk with them about how their hand/finger prints are special . . . no other person in the world has the same hand/finger prints. Lead them in thanking and praising God for creating them to be the unique and special people they are. Ask them what they can do with their hands to show their dad they love him and pray with them, asking God to help them use their hands to show others they know and love Him!

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