Sunday, May 29, 2011

crafting with grandma . . . Let's Crochet a Blanket! The Lattice Square!

Okay, I realize a couple things . . . 
  • Summer is just beginning, so it is a strange time to begin a blanket! After all, who wants to work with yarn and a big blanket with it is hot??? :^)
  • Crocheting is a "stereotypical" thing for a grandma to do. And, aren't we modern grandmas more, well, modern??? :^)
Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs: 40 Prize-Winning Crocheted DesignsWell, these things aside, crocheting is experiencing a "comeback" as we realize the opportunity it brings as it allows us to to make beautiful and useful items for less money . . . and we are all trying to pinch those pennies now days! Plus, if you know how to crochet and have an older grandchild . . . eight years old or older in most cases . . . this blanket gives you the opportunity to teach a skill and craft to this grandchild and help them make a wonderful Christmas gift for their parents! I realize it is not even June yet, but if you are going to make gifts for Christmas, this is the perfect time to begin so your projects will be completed by Christmas! Plus, this patten involves making individual squares so it isn't a "hot" project to work on in the summer . . . you could leave the assembling of the squares until Fall when the days are cooler!

So, for the next several weeks, I'll give you directions for this blanket . . . a square at a time as each square is different . . . allowing you to teach your grandchild a variety of stitches and techniques all combining for a really great and unique blanket! I want to give credit for this blanket to the book, Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs by Valerie VanSrsdale Shrader. This book is filled with amazing afghan patterns, but one, "Sweet Baby Afghan Sampler" is the one I based this project from. Some of the squares for this blanket project are the same as the ones for the baby afghan and some are different, but I love how each of the twenty five squares are not the same. If you use a larger hook and five different colors of yarn to make this blanket, you will end up with a truly unique and personal afghan! I've made this blanket for wedding gifts with squares featuring the initials of the married couple to give it a very personal touch! So, let's begin!

Supplies -
  • Crochet Hook size J
  • five colors of yarn - eight ounces for each color
  • additional color of yarn for the border - you'll need 18 ounces
Lattice Square -
  • chain 33
  • Row 1 - Hdc in fifth chain from hook *ch 1 sk next ch hdc in the next ch; repeat from * across (15 ch-spaces)
  • Row 2 - Ch 2 (will always count as the first hdc) turn; hdc in first ch-sp; repeat 13 times across; ch 1 hdc in last hdc. Repeat row 2 until work measures approximately 9 inches
One square down and twenty-four to go!

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