Thursday, May 26, 2011

crafting with grandma . . . Make Amazing Bubbles With Your Grandchild(ren)!

Yesterday my mother posted a link to Country Woman Magazine with another link to the blog How Does She . . . all these links led to really simple, inexpensive and fun directions for making amazing bubbles! I thought this would be a great idea to try with your grandchild(ren) this Memorial Day, so take a moment to check this link and plan to amaze and delight your grandchild(ren) by showing them how to make these incredible bubbles! As a grandma I especially appreciate this caution - shared at the very beginning of the project, "*First things first, this fun activity is not for small children. Please supervise your little ones and make sure they are blowing OUT, not sucking in.*" If your grandchild is a young child, help them with this project so they can have fun with it, too. They may just enjoy catching the bubbles and not mind if you are the one making the bubbles!

Enjoy! :^)

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