Tuesday, May 31, 2011

grandma's bookshelf - Just One Bite

If your grandchild(ren) love learning about animals, this is the perfect book for them!
Just One BiteJust One Bite
Author - Lola Shaefer
Illustrator - Geoff Waring
Ages 4-7
Publisher - Chronicle Books
  • Favorite Features -
    • amazing, colorful, interesting and fun illustrations - life size!
    • features 11 animals and their "bites" at actual, real, life-size
    • simple, interesting and educational text
I love this book! While the Komodo Dragon was a little scary, the rabbit, bear, butterfly, frog and elephant were great fun! Unique concept teaching and showing what each of these characters could/would eat in one bite opens the door for lots of fun and interesting conversations with children about the things they eat in just one bite! Talk with your grandchild(ren) about the creativity God showed when He created each of these creatures and ask them what a creature would look like if they could create it . . . have them draw a picture of their creature and show what one "bite" would look like for their creature! Have fun with this book - the illustrations and concept are excellent!

For additional fun, involve your grandchild(ren) in cooking the things they like to eat . . . in just one bite!

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