Tuesday, May 24, 2011

grandma's bookshelf - No Sleep for the Sheep!

I love reading books to my grandson which are just fun and silly books . . . No Sleep for the Sheep! absolutely qualifies as this type of book! You'll have the opportunity to talk with your grandchild about showing manners to others; being quiet when others are sleeping and saying please. Be sure to ask your grandchild to identify the animals in the story and the sounds they make, but most of all, have lots of fun reading this book! It is sure to be a favorite!

No Sleep for the Sheep!
Author - Karen Beaumont
Illustrator - Jackie Urbanowic
Ages - 4-7
  • Favorite Features -
    • colorful, fun illustrations
    • encourages animal and sound recognition
    • short, repetitive story
I love this book! Add this to your "absolutely must have book list for children" . . . I love the cadence to the story, the fun, colorful illustrations and the unexpected end! I certainly hope to see more books from this author and would love to see them illustrated by this artist! Tremendously well done!

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