Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm Giving Away "I'll Be There" from Candlewick Press!

Welcome to grandma's cookie jar! You'll find lots of good things on this blog to help you do the most important thing . . . help pass on a heritage of faith to the children in your life! One important - and easy - way to do this, is to read books to your grandchildren. Make a practice of snuggling with them and read books which help you communicate important messages . . . you will find book reviews are a regular feature of grandma's cookie jar!

I'll Be ThereI'd like to recommend the book, "I'll Be There" by Ann Stott and illustrated by Matt Phelan. This book shares with a child how their mom will "be there" as they grow . . . and certainly grandma also looks forward to being there as their grandchildren grow! Use this book to generate conversations about how you enjoy watching as your grandchild grows and learns to do new things. Talk about some of the things your grandchild can do now which they previously could not do and thank God for how they are growing and learning! Use the story to pray with your grandchild and thank God for the parents He has given them. Talk about how even though one day you'll be in heaven, God is always there with them through their entire life . . . and there is nothing more important thank knowing and walking with Him! Rejoice with your grandchild that you can always trust God!

I'm delighted to say I'm giving away one copy of this book! Please take a moment to "like" grandma's cookie jar using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box to the right. As soon as I have 25 people who have "liked" this blog on facebook, I'll draw a name and someone will win this book! Please tell grandmas - and moms - you know about grandmas cookie jar so they can get their names in the drawing for this book!

Author - Ann Stott
Illustrator - Matt Phelan
Ages 3 - 8

Favorite Features -
  • encourages recognizing how a child is growing up and reaffirms their parent's love for them
  • fun illustrations
  • touching story little ones will enjoy and will bring a tear to mom's eye!
Fun book for little ones to enjoy with their parents! Provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to rejoice with their child over how they are growing and talk about the amazing way God made them, while reminding a child, they will always be loved. Extremely well done!

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