Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Manners Moment with Maralee McKee and grandma!

Manners . . . we all want to be people who show grace in our everyday interactions with others . . . good manners, as Maralee McKee says, "are about remembering we’re each sharing this train ride of life with others, and the way we interact and respond to them speaks to the very heart of who we are." ! In this day and age where it often seems children - and adults - have forgotten the grace of showing good manners, we can help our grandchildren learn and show good manners! I'm so thankful for Maralee McKee . . . the Manners Mentor for helping us know how to "shine"! 

Since my grandma's cookbook recipe for today was Homemade Unique Mini-Pizzas, I want to share with you a link to an article from Maralee's website on "Ten Savvy Tips for Providing Meals for Your Friends". When you make Homemade Unique Mini-Pizzas with your grandchildren - or children - make it a double batch and fix extras to take to a friend, neighbor or family member to brighten their day and involve your grandchildren in serving others! Thank you Maralee for helping us know how to "shine in all our encounters"!

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