Saturday, May 21, 2011

More "grandma's chuckles" - Josiah is NOT a "Poor Little Thing" and Chocolate Kisses!

Don't you just find the things your grandchild says and does to be the cutest things ever? :^) I know Josiah certainly says and does things which leaves me laughing - for days! I tend to write as my "status" in facebook the things Josiah says and does which I find particularly cute . . . I'll share two of these with you! A couple months ago Josiah was at my house and he seemed to be working on his final tooth :^) but was very "subdued" . . . just not feeling his typical boisterous self. He wanted to snuggle and be held and of course I was happy to snuggle with him. I said, "Oh, you are such a poor little thing!" He said, "I am NOT a poor little thing!" Well, he may not be a poor little thing, but he is absolutely a sweet and cute little thing! He was rather indignant I called him a "poor little thing"!

So, what do you do to "sympathize" with your grandchild when they aren't feeling their best? I do not believe it is possible to "spoil" a grandchild . . . we throw spoiled things away and we'd never throw our grandchildren away! It is however; possible to pamper our grandchildren a tad bit from time to time . . . and can be very enjoyable to do so! After all, it is the prerogative of grandmas to pamper their grandchildren from time to time! :^) At my house I tend to pamper Josiah with "kisses" . . . the chocolate kind!

Josiah was here the other day, sitting in my lap being soooo sweet and he said, "I need a kiss!" So of course I kissed him! He said, "I need a kiss!", so I happily kissed him again! He said, "I need a kiss!" so once again I kissed him! Then he said, "No! I need a chocolate kiss!" :^) I knew what he meant all along, but hey! I'm happy to give the regular kisses, too! of course he got a chocolate kiss!

Enjoy your grandchildren . . . delight in the cute things they say and do . . . shower them with your love . . . pamper them a tad bit from time to time . . . and most importantly, point them to the One Who loves and delights in them even more than you do!

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