Wednesday, June 1, 2011

grandma's bookshelf - The Topsy-Turvy Kingdom!

This is a book all homes should have! I love this book and wish someone would re-publish it for a new generation of children . . . I'm very happy you can still find it on-line!
The Topsy-Turvy Kingdom
    The Topsy-Turvy Kingdom Authors - Dottie & Josh McDowell, and David Nathan Weiss Illustrator - Lydia Taranovic Publisher - Tyndale House Publishing

There are so many excellent children's books available to us which help us teach our youngest children - in fun yet effective ways.  This book ranks up there near the top of my favorite children's books list!  "The Topsy Turvy Kingdom" will help even young children learn the difference between right and wrong and why doing things God's way is always best!
Favorite Features
  • takes an extremely important message and teaches it in a way even young children will understand
  • not a lot of words on a page - helps to keep young children's attention
  • clever, creative story written in a totally enjoyable way
  • comments and questions at the end of the book help even the youngest children begin to learn there are absolutes and they will be happy when they do what's right
  • colorful, creative illustrations - excellent!
This terrific book is one that not only children will love, but adults will be totally delighted with it as well!  "The Topsy Turvy Kingdom" is a tremendous book and I highly recommend it for every home - and grandma's house!  

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