Sunday, August 7, 2011

grandma's bookshelf - Sidney and Norman - a tale of two pigs

I love children's books because they typically are a good story, with illustrations and a point . . . something to talk about with children. But I also love children's books because more often than not they have a point for adults, too! My book pick for today is most certainly one such book . . . while you may think it is a children's book . . . it is actually a book for adults!

Sidney & Norman: A Tale of Two Pigs
Sidney and Norman - a tale of two pigs 
Author - Phil Vischer
Illustrator - Justin Gerard

Publisher - Thomas Nelson
Ages - all

  • Favorite Features -
    • everyone will identify with either Sidney or Norman
    • challenging and encouraging - a must read for all people - particularly teens and adults - and great info in the back to help grandparents/parents know how to use this book with children
    • strong message of God's love and acceptance
Sidney is a pig who knows who he is and where he is going - he really has it all together . . . or at least he thinks he does. Norman is a pig who often feels flustered and like getting it all together is really unattainable . . . at least for him. While they are neighbors, they never really talk and most certainly do not know each other - Sidney looks down on Norman. Then one day they get an invite to meet God! Sidney is sure God will tell him he is doing a tremendous job! Norman is sure God will tell him He is disappointed with him. What actually happens will give the "Normans" in this world encouragement and make the "Sidneys" stop and think.

As you read this book with your grandchildren, ask them if they think they are a Sidney or a Norman. Ask them what they think God would say to them and reassure them with the truth of how much they are loved by God! Ask them if they know a "Norman" and help them think of what they can do to encourage the "Normans" in their life!

I think this is actually a book for adults disguised as a book for children! Most certainly a "must-read" for all of us!

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