Wednesday, October 26, 2011

grandma's heartbreak:^( - missing children - Jhessye Shockley

I know where my dear grandsons are, and I thank God for this every moment of every day. There are however; grandmas who have a missing grandchild. My heart would be broken if my grandsons were missing and my heart goes out to all those grandmas . . . and grandpas, moms, dads and other family members . . . who do not know where their loved child is. It is to this end each and every week I will post a photo of a missing child from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. PLEASE share this post and PLEASE make these children - and their dear families - part of your prayers as we pray for the safe return of missing children.
  • JHESSYE SHOCKLEY  - this child is considered an endangered missing child. She is five years old and has been missing since October 11, 20112. She is black, 3'5" weighs 55 pounds, has black hair and brown eyes and is from Glendale, Arizona. Please pray for this sweet child and for her family. PLEASE Share this post!

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