Wednesday, October 19, 2011

grandma's movie reviews - African Cats!

Disneynature: African Cats
By - Disneynature
Rating - 

Favorite Features -
  • combo pack includes blu-ray and dvd of movie
  • narrated by Samuel L. Jackson
  • takes you through the lives of two cat families - lions and cheetahs
  • amazing video of many African animals - with burchall's zebras, nile crocodiles, spotted hyenas, wildebeests, Masai ostrich, elephants, leopard tortoises, hippos, giraffes, warthogs, tawny eagles, aardvarks, cape buffalo, serval cat, side-striped jackal, black rhinos, topi, Jackson's widowbird, kori bustard, bohor reedbuck, secretary bird, ground hornbill, yellow-billed stork, impala, hooded vulture, cattle egret, thomson's gazelle and of course, lions and cheetahs
  • loved the end credits - they will leave you laughing!
  • would have loved to see a "how it was made" in the bonus features
As with all Disney Nature movies, this one will leave you in awe of these amazing large cats! While this movie doesn't give credit to God for creating these creatures, He did! As you watch it with your grandchildren, be sure to talk about how amazing God's creation is and lead them in praising and thanking God for making such varied animals! Enjoy - while there are sad parts to this movie - such as when hyenas take two of the cheetah cubs, it will leave you completely captivated by these big cats!

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