Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Manners from Maralee McKee!

header imageMy friend Maralee McKee is the "Manners Mentor" and she always knows what to do show "simple, savvy and sincere" manners in our everyday lives! (Please take a moment to check out her blog the Manners Mentor blog and "like" her on facebook!) So, with Christmas just around the corner, I thought I'd share some of Maralee's Manners Tips from her facebook page . . . 

  • "This Christmas season, instead of wanting to put people in their place, try putting yourself in their place. The truth is, we don't know what the other person is facing. As aggravating as their action(s) might be, if we knew all the details, we might be sad for them instead of angry at them. Christmas is the celebration of Christ with us. It's too big of a deal to allow "little" things to steal even a moment of our joy!"
  • "The stores are sooo crowed this time of year. Sometimes there is even congestion entering and exiting the doors. A few door pleasantries would help put the Christmas sparkle in everyone's eyes! 1. Hold the door for the next person, smile, and say, 'Merry Christmas!' Hopefully,   they'll respond nicely. If not, well then, knowing you treated someone respectfully and kindly is it's own reward. Besides, who knows, maybe your example will rub off on them! 2. When there are double doors, the rules of the road apply. You stay to your right. As you face the door, enter the one on your right, and exit the one on your right. 3. If someone holds the door for you, Smile, make eye contact, and say, 'Thank you! Merry Christmas!' 4. If you see someone in a wheelchair, pushing a stroller, or who has his or her arms full say, 'Please, allow me to get the door!' Then step ahead of them to open and hold the door. It's small a way to make our encounters more personable, civil, and spread Christmas cheer!
  • "I tried a Christmas experiment! At the stores I've shopped at since Thanksgiving I've asked the clerks (with no other customers around) about the overall kindness level of their customers towards them. They all said that some people are nice, but that too many didn't acknowledge them kindly when greeted kindly. Customers were either talking on their cell phones, or the clerks pleasant greeting was answered with a "Hi" and no smile or eye contact, or a curt, 'Make sure all my sale prices ring up.' As the next customer approached the register I would say something like this to the clerk that the next customer would overhear, 'You have been so kind. I appreciate you and your Christmas spirit. Thank you for making my shopping so pleasant!' I've done this more than seven times. EVERY time the next customer (man or woman), no matter how tuned-out they were as they approached, immediately smiled and began a pleasant conversation with the cashier. Even the people on their cell phones stopped talking for a moment to graciously acknowledge the clerk. Overhearing our pleasant exchange set the next customer up expecting and eager to experience the same, and the cashier eager to re-experience the interaction. Attitudes, moods, and expectations are contagious. Spread Christmas cheer where ever you go by gifting those around you with pleasant exchanges. The gifts that best touch the heart aren't under the Christmas tree. They are in the air that we share!"
Can you see why I love to read what Maralee writes? :-) (By the way, in October 20112 Maralee's book "Manners That Matter For Moms" is being released by Harvest House! Be sure to be watching for it!)

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