Friday, December 23, 2011

crafting with grandma . . . Fun Snowman-in-a-Bag!

Pinned ImageSo . . . Christmas dinner is finished, the gifts have all been opened and your grandchildren are looking for something to do . . . try this craft I found on Pinterest with them . . . a Snowman-in-a-Bag!
Supplies -
  • zippy bags
  • epsom salt
  • quilted make-up removal pads - I think cotton balls would work, too
  • sheets of colored foam
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue
  • wiggly eyes
  • small sticks
  • straw
Directions -
  • have children make their snowman with the make-up pads or cotton balls
  • allow them to glue a nose, hat, buttons, eyes, mouth, etc to their snowman (they can make them from the colored foam sheets)
  • help them use small sticks to make arms
  • show them how to use a pipe cleaner to make a scarf
  • once their snowman is assembled, help them glue it to the inside back of their zippy bag
  • allow them to glue stars, snowflakes, whatever they like to the back near their snowman
  • allow to dry
  • when completely dry, add epsom salt
  • zip nearly closed, insert straw and allow children to blow gently to fill their bag with air then remove straw and close tightly - you may want to tape with clear packing tape to insure a strong seal
  • turn up-side down and shake gently, then turn right-side up and enjoy!
This would also be a fun craft to make on a very stormy day when children need to stay inside! As you make your snowman, talk about your favorite things to do in the snow - or things you think you'd like to do if you live where there isn't any snow!

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