Thursday, December 29, 2011

crafting with grandma . . . Grand Prix Car Slippers

 My grandson Josiah loves cars! He loves "fixing" cars . . . his daddy is a mechanic after-all . . . he loves "driving" cars, he loves playing with cars . . . he just flat out loves cars! So, when he asked me to make some slippers for him, it seemed pretty obvious what "kind" of slippers I needed to make! I looked on-line and found a pattern for Grand Prix Slippers . . . and got busy making a pair for Josiah and an additional pair for baby Caleb! 

If you have a grandson who loves cars, consider making these slippers for him! I made Josiah's slippers green and put the number 3 on each side . . . he is three years old! I also put a "J" on the "hoods" for Josiah and a "C" on Caleb's slippers. It seemed appropriate to put lightening bolts on the heels of Josiah's slippers . . . after all, they are race car slippers and the "wheels" finished them off with a fun look! Have fun making and personalizing these slippers for your grandsons!

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