Saturday, December 10, 2011

Even More of My "Favorite Things" . . .

Over a year's time I review a lot of books, but there are a few which stand out as my "favorites" . . . 

My Favorite Things - Books -
  • When it comes to books for young children, A Dog is a Dog has to be on my list of "favorite things"! I love the simple text which is sure to keep you guessing - and flat out laughing!  A Dog is a Dog is clever, fun and unexpected . . . the ending is a "hoot"! It is not stretching too far - or even stretching at all - to say this book is an absolute delight! I love the illustrations - they are so fun - and I love the story . . . what a creative and engaging story . . . children and adults alike will be guessing which animal comes next! Most certainly get this book for your grandchildren! It is tremendous!
  • As for books for older children, the Story for Kids is a great book which will walk children ages 9-12 through the Bible in 31 chapters and will help them see and understand God's big story of His big love for them while capturing their attention. It The Story for Kids: Discover the Bible from Beginning to Endis a great way to introduce your elementary age children to the idea of reading through the Bible. If they first read through this book, they will be able to better understand God's Word when the read through the Bible!
  • When you think about books for teens and adults, the Grace Effect is my favorite book this year! This powerful, true account is one which will have you cheering and crying along with the Taunton family. It will help you better understand what it is faith in God brings to our lives and to the world around us . . . Grace! This grace is so taken for granted here in America, but in other places around the world where they have worked to remove all traces of God and His grace from their lives, it is starkly evident what they are missing. Read this book. Use the discussion questions in the back to help you understand how the "lack of Biblical Christianity cripples a nation and it's future" and why "Christianity should be a primary influence in a society". In this day and age with an ever growing push for communism and atheism, we need books like this to help us think though and understand the "Grace Effect" and why we all need it!

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