Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Focus Our Grandkids on . . . Receiving???

You may, or may not, know in addition to writing grandma's cookie jar, I also write another blog, About the Children's Department and I contribute to two additional blogs . . . Kidmin1124 and CM Buzz. I recently wrote a couple posts for Kidmin1124 - one on focusing our kids on giving at Christmas and another on focusing our kids on receiving at Christmas . . . yes, I said, receiving! Please take a moment to read these posts and then think about the following . . . 

  • as a grandmother there is nothing more important to me than seeing my grandchildren know, love and walk with Jesus all their lives! Christmas is  all about God sending Jesus so we can experience His amazing love and grace and be forgiven! When this happens we can know and walk with Him! This is the best gift anyone could ever receive and we certainly want our grandchildren to focus on receiving this gift!
  • once our grandchildren make the choice to accept God's gift of grace and forgiveness we absolutely want them to receive God's Word, study to and live their life according to what they see in it, we want them to experience the joy of talking with God and being taught by the Holy Spirit and we want them to look forward to spending forever one day in Heaven with Jesus!
Yes, there are many amazing things we want our grandchildren to focus on receiving at Christmas . . . and all year long!

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