Tuesday, December 27, 2011

grandma's bookshelf . . . Puff, the Magic Dragon Pop-up Book!

I love pop-up books . . . they add such a fun "touch" to any story . . . and pop-up books these days can be pretty amazing, too! So, when I had the opportunity to review the new  Puff, the Magic Dragon Pop-Up Book, I was delighted to do so!

Puff, the Magic Dragon Pop-Up
Lyrics by - Peter Yarrow & Lenny Lipton
Paintings by - Eric Puybaret
Paper Engineering by - Bruce Foster
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages - 3+

Favorite Features -
  • Beautiful paintings . . . very "dragonesque" with lots of blues, greens and turquoises!
  • pop-ups are amazing!
  • bonus pop-ups under flaps . . . add to the fun and surprise on nearly every page!
  • includes a CD with the original song sung by Peter, Paul & Mary
  • CD has three additional songs for children/families to enjoy . . . Froggie Went A-Courtin', The Blue Tail Fly and and Puff, the Magic Dragon, instrumental track
This book is a delight! Children and adults alike will be charmed by the beautiful paintings and surprised by the abundance of pop-ups throughout the book. The CD is a pleasant "bonus" and adds to the overall enjoyment of this book!

As you enjoy this book with your grandchildren, talk with them about how the story is about a little boy's imagination. Jackie loved to "imagine" and "play" with Puff the dragon and take some time to make your own "story" with your grandchildren! Ask them who/what the characters should be in their story - grab some paper and crayons and illustrate your story! Have fun, celebrate "imaginations" and the ability to make your own fun, pretend stories!

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