Saturday, December 3, 2011

grandma's heartbreak:^( - missing children . . . Bianca Jones

Recently I started a new section to my blog . . . unlike the others, this one is very serious and sad. Across the country and around the world children are missing. Some are runaways. Some have been taken by a parent or other family member. Others have been taken by strangers. In all these cases there is heartbreak as families wait for word on the whereabouts of their loved missing children. We need to be praying for these families and these children. We need to be watching - often children are found because someone saw something and took the time to share what they saw. If you see any of these children, call 911 immediately.

So far I have shared photos and information about  Jhessye Shockley Aliayah Lunsford, Sky MetalwalaMadison Jewel Richardson and Andrew, Alexander and Tanner SkeltonSadly, these children are still missing. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Today I ask you to pray for a missing girl you may have heard about last night or this morning on the news, Bianca Jones. This little girl is two years old and is missing from Detroit, Michigan. She was in a car with her dad when a man with a gun ordered her dad out of the car and took off with the car - she was in it at the time. The car was found a few hours later, but she is still missing. Bianca has black hair and brown eyes and weighs 25 pounds. Bianca's family is heartbroken and wants to know where she is. Please pray for this sweet girl and for her family and please share this post.

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