Tuesday, December 27, 2011

grandma's music "notes" . . . Go Fish Guys- Praise!

I am so happy to share a new cd/dvd of music for your grandchildren from Go Fish Guys . . . Praise! This cd/dvd goes with their new VBS for 2012, but you could get the music to enjoy whether your church uses the VBS or not! This cd/dvd is amazing and includes eight songs - which you can hear clips of at this link -

  • Shackles (Praise You) - my favorite! . . . "Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance, I just want to praise You, I just want to praise You! You broke the chains now I can lift my hands and I'm gonna praise You, yeah I'm gonna praise You!" I love the harmonies and the message is so solid . . . we can praise God through all our circumstances! This is the kind of music you want your grandchildren to listen to and sing!!! (You will find you want to listen to and sing it, too!)
  • Movin' to the Beat . . . "Movin' to the beat with my groovy feet . . . God is Great! God is Good! He is my King! Praise Him!" - My three year old grandson loves dancing and singing this song! It makes it all so easy with the directions!!!!
  • If You're Happy and You Know . . . "If you're happy and you know it your face will surely show it . . . if you're happy, raise your hands up in the air . . . lift your praises high and tell everybody why!" Another song even your youngest grandchildren will love!
  • Sunday School Swing . . . "The B-I-B-L-E I've been waiting all week long for Sunday to come so I can sing my song . . . Joshua fought the battle at Jericho, Jericho, Jericho. Joshua fought the battle at Jericho and the walls came tumblin' down! Everybody's rocking to the Sunday School Swing!" This is a very fun song - I love how they took old, classic Sunday School songs and gave them some "swing" with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra!
  • The Crazy Dance . . . "Everybody do the crazy dance! Let's do the crazy dance!" If this song doesn't get you dancing, nothing will!
  • I'll Do My Best . . . "I'll praise, I'll praise You Lord forever! I'll do my best, I'll do my best, I'll do my best for You! I'll love, I'll serve, I'll praise You Lord forever" This is a very powerful, moving and strong prayer song . . . beautiful harmonies and solid lyrics! Wonderful!
  • Get Down . . . "It's time to get down to the ground and lift Him high to the sky with less of me and more of Christ! Get down to the ground and lift Him high to the sky. I think it's time I testify, it's time to get down! I bow before the cross of my Lord to serve Him unashamed. The greatness of His mercy and love left me forever changed!" I love this song! It has pep, message and is just a lot of fun! Be sure to talk with your grandchildren about the message in this song - and in all of them! We do need to lift Jesus high so there is more of Him and less of us because the greatness of His mercy and love has left us forever changed! Thank God!
Go Fish Guy's Praise DVD and CD are must-haves for grandma's house . . . get extra copies to send home with your grandchildren, too! This is exactly the kind of music we want our kids to listen to . . . fun music, music with "pep" and most importantly, music which challenges, encourages and convicts us! Thank you Go Fish Guys for blessing us all with such wonderful music, providing music we can want our grandchildren to sing and dance to and with and for sending me a copy for review!

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