Monday, December 19, 2011

Great Craft Idea . . . Time Capsule Ornament!

The other day I was browsing on Pinterest and came across an amazing idea . . . Time Capsule Ornaments! I love this idea so much I will be going back and making one for the past three years for Josiah! The basic idea is simple - take a clear ornament and using glue write the number for the age of a child then cover the glue with glitter. Allow to dry. Type or write a list of characteristics, milestones or things you want to remember about your grandchild from the past year, roll up, tie with a ribbon and put inside the ornament along with a slip of paper with their name written on it - if the child is able to write their own name, have them do so.
I'd also add a small photo - roll slightly to fit into the ornament so it can unroll once it is inside (be sure to cut so it will fit) and possibly add another small thing which represents important things for the child's past year and place inside. If the child's hand will fit on the ornament, you could also paint their hand and put a hand-print on the back side - if their hand is too big, make fingerprints instead! Add some glitter, sequins or small cuts of sparkly paper for "pizzazz" and voila . . . your ornament is finished! Involve your grandchildren - have them help make the ornament and then wrap as a special gift for their parents!

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