Monday, December 26, 2011

"The Great Ocean of God's Love" . . .

I love The Grandmother's Bible . . . today I read a devotional by Corrie Ten Boom and thought I'd share a bit of it with you . . . Corrie writes . . . "God's love is the greatest reality, here and now - not only if we live in a beautiful house and have enough to eat, but even if the very worst happens in the life of a child of God, the best remains, namely God's love. I experienced that love when I was imprisoned in a concentration camp during the war. Each morning they held roll call. The supervisor used that time to demonstrate her cruelty. One morning I could hardly bear to see and hear what was happening in front of me. Then a lark started to sing in the air. All the prisoners looked up. I looked up too, and listened to the bird, but I looked further and saw heaven. I thought of Psalm 103:11, 'For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love (for) those who fear him.' I suddenly saw that the ocean of God's great love is greater than human cruelty. God sent the lark every day for three weeks to teach us to direct our eyes to Him. God wants to conquer our largest and smallest difficulties through His love. Think of the problems in your life at this moment. Are there problems you cannot conquer with human love? Do it from now on with God's love, God's 'agape', which never falls short."

As you face the new year, remember what Corrie said, "God wants to conquer our largest and smallest difficulties through His love." Look for opportunities to share this truth with your grandchildren as you go through 2012 . . . if you do, it will be one of your best, and most enduring gifts you give to your grandchildren . . . the knowledge strength comes from trusting God with any and all difficulties they face in their lives!

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