Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year . . .

It is New Year's Eve Day . . . or as someone I know on facebook said, "Old Year's Day"! This past year held many wonderful days for me . . . my grandson Caleb was born :^) - hooray!!!! - and my grandson Josiah turned 3 :^) - hooray!!!! I have been able to see God's blessing on my daughter, Tiffany and my son and daughter-in-law, Dave and Jackie! My husband Dave and I celebrated our 30th anniversary . . . the year sure did fly by!!! 

In addition to all these wonderful blessings, I began writing this blog and absolutely realize the blessing and honor it is for me to have the opportunity to share some of the joys of being a grandma with all of you! Thank you! It has also been a huge blessing to have the opportunity to get to know you as well! Thank you all for reading grandma's cookie jar, for commenting on my posts, and for sharing my blog with the people you know! I most sincerely appreciate each of you!

While 2011 did hold challenges, I prefer to focus on the blessings; so . . . as I look forward to 2012, while I clearly do not know what it holds, I do believe there will be many blessings, big and small, in store for all of us as well! I'm looking forward to seeing how God works in my family's lives and I'm looking forward to some wonderful opportunities which appear to be on the horizon! I'm looking forward to sharing many more "grandma joys" with all of you and to hearing from you on the blessings in your lives as well! So . . . Happy New Year!

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