Saturday, December 10, 2011

Help Your Grandchildren Focus on the Word This Christmas!

As we think about how Christmas and how Jesus, The Word, became flesh and lived among us, it is a wonderful time to involve your grandchildren in an opportunity to work on a project to raise money to bring God's Word to people who do not have it!  There are a number of projects available for you to select from, consider this one from the SeedCompany . . . 

Boma PeopleBoma

Southeast Asia

The people who speak Boma as their mother tongue live along coastlines of several islands. Many are government employees, private office workers, business owners, teachers, professors and students. In outlying areas, most Boma are clove, nutmeg and coconut farmers or fishermen.
Christianity was introduced to this area in the 16th century. Though they have churches and a Christian university, the only Scripture available to the Boma is in a formal form of the national language. For many of them, the Gospel is just a string of pretty words; it has no meaning and little impact on their lives. They work hard to please God, performing spiritual duties. Many are unaware of the difference a personal relationship with Jesus would make in their daily experience. Their God is a distant, inaccessible, impersonal being. Even pastors have difficulty understanding Scripture to teach their congregations.
The Boma New Testament translation may ultimately help translators reach as many as two million people because many regional languages are related to it. This Boma translation could become an important source text for new projects in areas that still have no mother-tongue Scripture. The translators are highly motivated, not only for the sake of their own community, but for the good of millions of others who will benefit from their work.
So . . . how can you involve your grandchildren in giving to this project? Consider the following . . . 
  • plan a Bible concert . . . have your grandchildren sing Scripture songs, recite verses they have learned and share how they have lived what these verses mean. Sell tickets to friends and family for the concert and allow your grandchildren to give the money to oneverse!
  • plan an Art Festival . . . have them design posters, book marks and small pictures illustrating their favorite verse, then sell them to friends and family and donate the money to oneverse!
These are just a few ideas . . . select one - or more - or come up with your own ideas, but do something to help your grandchildren focus on sharing Jesus, the Word with people around the world who do not have a copy of God's Word in their own language!

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