Friday, December 16, 2011

Sara Groves . . . Invisible Empires . . . I'm Giving One Away!

If you are looking for music you will enjoy and which will make you think take a look at Sara Groves! Her songs on her new cd - Sara Groves Invisible Empires - has almost a hauntingly sweet, clear sound- they seem to be the prayers of a woman looking for answers and choosing to trust. (You may listen to clips of each song at this link)
  • Miracle - "Let's say what we cannot say Let’s see what we cannot not see Let’s hear what we could not hear Oh it’s a mystery, love is a mystery Oh it's a miracle, it's a miracle Let's be a miracle!" - this is a powerful song about forgiving others for words the may have said which have hurt you.
  • Obsolete - "And I know I shouldn't care If I'm out or if I'm in Cause if I am dismissed Oh you always take me in" - This song speaks to anyone who ever feels as if they are on the "outside" and "everyone (else) is having fun".
  • I'll Wait - "I can win the whole world And lose my own soul Holding on for dear life Spinning out of control I'll wait for you Now more than ever I see it's true Now more than ever I'll wait for you now I don't want to do this by myself I know I need your help And so I'm waiting for you"  - This song "hits it on the head" - so often we think we can handle things on our own, but we need to know we need to "wait" for God because we can't do it by ourselves!
  • Scientists in Japan - this is a "strange" song, but it does ask some questions worth thinking about
  • Open My Hands - " I believe in a peace that flows deeper than pain That broken find healing in love Pain is no measure of his faithfulness He withholds no good thing from us No good thing from us, no good thing from us I will open my hands, will open my heart" - This song alone makes the entire album worth getting! I love this song! The harmonies are beautiful and the message . . . in spite of the things happening around us, God is Faithful and "He withholds no good thing from us!"
  • Precious Again - "Oh oh, sing me the song that's never old Oh oh, tell me the story never told Promise the just when love grows cold You'll make it precious" - a call to notice the "wonder" in the world around us - the wonder which is a gift from the hand of God!
  • Eyes on the Prize - "I got my hand on the gospel plow Won't take nothing for my journey now Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on The wait is slow, and we've so far to go Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on Only chain a man can stand Is that chain of hand on hand Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on" - The wait may be long and we may have a long way to go, but "keep your eye on the prize!" This is a very encouraging song!
  • Without Love - "You can rise in the halls of power You can speak to the masses You can heal their disease You can stand as the man of the hour You can bring them to their feet Without love I have not Without love, without love Without love I have not Without love Love always protects, love always trusts, Love always hopes the best for us Love is slow to anger, love isn't proud Love never fails, love will never fails us" - Clearly this is a song about I Corinthians 13 - and is another one which makes this album worth getting! Beautiful!
  • Right Now - "I'm tired of blaming everybody else I'm sorry if I blamed you I have everything I need to be myself I have what I need to love you There's no way to brace myself There's no way to sort it all out" - a very short song - interesting.
  • Mystery - "I see my faith before me It's always there before And I can no more own it Than I can own the road that I'm on And I don't know where it leads me I don't know where it leads me Peace and resurrection Suffering and dejection I don't know . .  . Pray for the mystery To rise up and meet me Oh I'll wait for your mystery To rise up and lead me home" - another interesting song - seems to be a prayer voicing the choice to trust and wait.
  • Finite - this is clearly a song which voices Sara's questions, thoughts and the choice to trust.
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