Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some "Favorite Things" for Grandma!

Most of my "favorite things" are things I'd give to others - primarily grandchildren, but my "favorite things" today are things for grandma . . . although you could give them to others, too!

  • I received grandmother bell necklace for review from Jewelry John . . . and I absolutely love it! i wear it nearly every day! This little silver bell is designed and etched to reflect grandmothers - it has a pie on the top, names for grandma all around  it and a "wooden" spoon for the clapper - and has such a sweet "ring"! You can get bell necklaces for mother, daughter, grand-daughter, friend and host of other beautiful bells, but I really love the grandmother bell!
  • I love to write with fountain pens and have found over the years Cross makes some of the most amazing fountain pens! I especially love their Sauvage Azurite Blue Crocodile Fountain Pen! This pen is beautiful to look at and it writes reliably, comfortably and makes writing a joy! If you enjoy writing and would like to treat yourself to a special pen, this is the pen to get!
Well . . . these are two things I particularly enjoy!