Friday, December 30, 2011

Time for a Hug . . . I'm Giving One Away!

Time for a Hug

Authors - Phillis Gershator and Mim Green
illustrator - David Walker
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages - 3+

Favorite Features -
  • adorable illustrations - lots of color and so many details to notice with your little ones
  • wonderful story of a little bunny's day and how at different times it is "time for a hug" - what's not to love about this?!!!
  • encourages counting and learning to tell time - and hugging!
Okay, this book is so sweet . . . and along with being sweet, it teaches a number of things . . . counting, telling time and identifying the things you might do throughout your day. But in addition to all these things, this book is all about hugging! As the little bunny goes through his day, it is "time for a hug" . . . and of course when you read those words, you have to "hug" your grandchildren! I love this book! I can tell there will be lots of "hugging" around here every time it is read!
I'm delighted to say Sterling Children's Books sent me one for review and are making another available for me to give away! If you have "liked" grandma's cookie jar using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box, ON THE BLOG, then you are entered in my drawing which will be on January 6th. If you have not "liked" this blog yet, please take a moment to do so and you will be entered in the drawing. It is this simple! Thank you for reading grandma's cookie jar - please share this blog with the people you know!

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