Saturday, March 31, 2012

grandma's chuckles :^) - Super, Snazzy, Mighty Josiah!

Don't you just love it when your grandchildren use their imaginations?!!! Josiah was at our house the other evening watching Kipper on tv. Kipper was pretending to be "Super Dog" by using a blanket to make a cape. I remembered a small blanket I had and went to find it. When I brought it back, Josiah was happy to have a "cape" so he could be a "super-hero"! He told me he was, Super, Snazzy, Mighty Josiah! 

Then he told me there were "monsters" in the kitchen!!!! I asked him what the monsters looked like and he said they had one blue, purple and green eye, pink hands with pink polka-dots, purple legs and feet with yellow polka-dots, yellow tummies and yellow heads with no hair because the bad guys ate their hair!!!! He ran into the kitchen so he could "stomp" those monsters to "save the world and protect the cookies" (there were freshly baked cookies cooling on the counter) after all, why else would there be one-eyed monsters in my kitchen if it wasn't to eat the cookies?!!! This was followed by lots of "snazzy" "stomping" and the ridding of my kitchen of "monsters"!

Then he told me the monsters came back and were going to eat me (apparently the monsters had another reason to be in my house!!!)!!!! I said, "Oh dear!!! Whatever shall I do??!!!!" Josiah said, "I'll save you, of course!!!" and went about "saving" me again from the one-eyed monsters by "stomping" them again!

Well, it most certainly was an "exciting" evening and I for one am so very glad Super, Snazzy, Mighty Josiah was at my house to save the world - and his grandma - and protect the cookies!!!!!

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