Tuesday, April 10, 2012

crafting with grandma - Mother's Day Handprints!

fun for mother's or father's day!As I browsed on Pinterest yesterday I saw something which I thought could be a really wonderful idea for a Mother's Day - and Father's Day - gift! These handprints provide a wonderful way to take a "snapshot" of a moment in time which you can save and enjoy for years to come! There are several ways you could help your grandchildren make this gift for their mom - and even for their dad when Father's Day comes. Consider the following ideas . . . 
  • You could have your grandchildren and their dad make prints which you could help them frame to give to their mom for mother's day (and you could have your grandchildren and their mom make prints to frame for their dad for Father's Day, too)
  • You could have your grandchildren make prints to give their mom, and dad, by painting your older grandchildren's hand and then placing a younger grandchild's hand against the older child's hand before you make the handprint - have plenty of paper towels handy and be sure you have another adult - possibly grandpa - around to help with the painty hands!!!
  • You could have your grandchildren make a frame and wrap it for their mom, and dad, and then be ready to paint everyone's hands to make a picture with dad, mom and children's handprints which, when dry, would go into the frame!
Whichever idea you try, be sure to talk with your grandchildren about how they can use their hands to show love to their mom - and dad . . . they could hug their parents, help their parents, pray for their parents! What else could they use their hands to show love for their parents?

So, what do you think? Do any of these ideas sound like something which would work for you? I'm leaning towards the third idea . . . on Mother's Day after dinner it would be fun to make prints with mom, dad and the boys! I'll let you know how it goes!

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