Tuesday, April 3, 2012

crafting with grandma - Names of Jesus Garland!

I am very happy to share a Resurrection Sunday craft with you today. We celebrate Easter, but what we really celebrate is not bunnies and eggs. The most amazing thing ever happened on Resurrection Sunday . . . Jesus rose from the dead! This is absolutely worth celebrating! So, when I found a craft which celebrates Jesus, I had to share it with you! Of course I found it on Pinterest! On the Homespun Heart blog, you'll find a photo tutorial for making your own Names of Jesus Garland! Make this with your grandchildren and talk with them about how Jesus is our Wonderful Counselor, the Son of the Most High, He is the Mighty God, Jesus, Everlasting Father, Emmanuel, Prince of Peace and because of all this, we give Glory to God in the highest!

Enjoy this craft and spend some time with your grandchildren praising God for Jesus, Who He Is and for all He did so we can be forgiven and know and walk with Him all our lives!

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