Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun, Free Surprises from the Berenstain Bears!

Have you ever "visited" the hollow tree at the end of a sunny dirt road in Bear Country were the Berenstain Bears live? Well, if you "visit" them on the web, you'll find their tree house is full of surprises . . . including a link where you can download and print out Brother and Sister Bear paper dolls and a closet full of clothes for them to wear! You'll also find a link where you can download and print your own Berenstain Bears coloring book, links to Berenstain Bears books which you can read to your grandchildren and Berenstain Bears movies you can watch with your grandchildren plus a whole lot more! 

The next time your grandchildren are at your house, take a few minutes to visit the Berenstain Bears and enjoy a book or a movie or a fun activity together!

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  1. Thanks Grandma's Cookie Jar! Glad you like our updated website!