Wednesday, April 25, 2012

grandma's cookbook . . . Strawberries & Cream Pie!

Today, April 25th, is my parent's anniversary! They have been married for 53 years so, on Sunday I'm having them over for dinner. I'm making a honey, raspberry, Yoshida's chicken, red potato salad, homemade bread and for dessert I'm making a strawberries & cream pie! So, I thought I'd share the recipe for the pie with you today!

Ingredients -

  • one carton of real whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • one box instant vanilla pudding
  • one half box of cream cheese
  • one carton of fresh strawberries
  • one graham cracker or shortbread cookie pie crust
Directions -
  • whip your whipping cream and sugar until fluffy
  • beat your cream cheese until fluffy
  • mix your pudding according to the box directions for pie, then add to whipped cream cheese 
  • fold the whipping cream into your pudding/cheese mixture
  • layer sliced berries on the bottom of your pie crust
  • top with whipping cream/pudding/cream cheese mix
  • add more sliced berries
  • chill until you are ready to serve
  • enjoy! :^)
This is a very easy recipe to make so it is perfect for your grandchildren to make with you! It is also a perfect recipe for you to enjoy in the summer as there is no cooking or baking involved and it is a cool and refreshing dessert! If you make this with your grandchildren be sure to talk with them about how God created berries and lead them in thanking Him for creating such wonderful  - and tasty - things! :^) Consider making two pies and then have your grandchildren go with you to take one pie to someone . . . their Sunday school teacher, pastor or a shut-in, to brighten their day! Enjoy!

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