Sunday, April 1, 2012

grandma's favorite things - Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Popper - I'm Giving One Away!

I love popcorn! My husband loves popcorn! My kids love popcorn! My grandson loves popcorn! So, when I found out about Cuisinart's Hot Air Popcorn Popper, I was delighted for the opportunity to review one - and even more thrilled when they said they'd make another one available for me to give away! I love the Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Popper - it makes great, fluffy popcorn - and it is a beautiful red color! Whenever we watch a movie with Josiah, he almost always asks for a bowl of popcorn, and with my popper, I'm always able to pop up a bowlful in just a few minutes! 

I'll be kicking off grandma's cookie jar's birthday month with the give-away of the Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Popper! (You can find out all about the popper at this link) So, if you have not already done so, please take a moment to "like" grandma's cookie jar using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box ON THE BLOG and you'll be entered in the drawing! If you share any of my daily posts, you'll receive additional entries! (please comment to let me know when you share) 

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