Tuesday, April 10, 2012

grandma's favorite things . . . Pure Dark Chocolate!

If you are looking for chocolate which you can enjoy, pure and simple, take a look at the chocolate available from Pure Dark! They sent me some of their chocolate to review and I'm delighted for the opportunity to let you know about them! Pure Dark says they, "began with passion around a simple idea: chocolate should come from the earth and not be overly processed. We took this passion for purity and created a premium, artisanal chocolate that delivers the deep, intense flavors of the cocoa pod." So . . . what did they send for review?

  • Pure Dark Chocolate Covered Nibs which are the roasted hearts of the cocoa bean covered in smooth dark chocolate and are absolutely beyond enjoyable! I loved these! They are crunchy, chocolaty and while they are great to nibble on, I think they would also be wonderful sprinkled on top of a plain, brown sugar cookie - a simple way to turn a simple cookie into something amazing!
  • Pure Dark Slab is a 1/2 inch thick chunk of dark chocolate available as 70% or 80% dark chocolate, plain or with nibs! This chocolate is perfect for many baking uses or to use for an amazing cup of hot chocolate!
  • Pure Dark Island Bark is a sheet of smooth dark chocolate studded with mango, roasted & sea-salted macadamia nuts, and a sprinkling of caramelized cocoa Nibs. I had my daughter-in-law review this and she loved it!
  • Pure Dark Raspberry Acai Rounds are dusted with a blend of berries for a taste of sweet and tart - I had my daughter review this and she thought they were wonderful!
  • Pure Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries are a completely enjoyable combination of sweet, soft blueberries and rich, dark chocolate! I was surprised when i tried these as I expected dried blueberries, but they are not dry or chewy! They are the best chocolate covered blueberries I've ever had!
I found the Pure Dark product I reviewed to be wonderful and a completely enjoyable treat! I also love how Pure Dark provides recipes on their website for unique and purely tasty ways to use their chocolates!

So, if you are looking for chocolates which you could order as a gift for someone special on your gift list or for you to enjoy, certainly check out Pure Dark!

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