Monday, April 9, 2012

Mother's Day Crafts . . . the You and Me Book!

Mother's Day You and Me book from Disney's Family FunMay 13th is Mother's Day so it is the perfect time to begin thinking about a gift you could help your grandchildren make for their mothers! So, for the coming month I'll share some ideas for things you could work on with your grandchildren for their mothers! Today I want to share an idea I found on Disney's Family Fun site and pinned to Pinterest . . . the You and Me Book! As Disney Family Fun says, "This little book lets Mom know just why she is so special. Just download the template and let your kids do the rest." It is a very simple craft . . . just download, print and you are ready to fill in the details with your grandchildren! Be sure to have photos of your grandchildren with their moms and some time to help them personalize their book and, voila! You'll have a gift they can give their moms which moms will truly treasure! I'm going to have one ready for Josiah to make for his mom . . . he can tell me his favorite things and the best things about his mom and I'll write them down for him. I'll help him make up a poem, too! We'll trace his hands on the backs of some of the pages and then he can decorate the backs of the other pages however he likes! So . . . what do you think? Is this a craft you might use with your grandchildren?

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