Saturday, September 29, 2012

crafting with grandma - Button Christmas Tree Ornament and Paper Clip Angel!

Button Christmas Tree!Since today is the last day to vote in grandma's cookie jar's first Christmas ornament contest, I thought it would be fun to share a couple more patterns for a ornaments I found on Pinterest . . . a very cute, and clever button Christmas tree and a fun paperclip angel!

paperclip angel ornamentI think the button Christmas tree ornament is so cute (but can't recommend the site with the directions) It is, however; a very simple pattern. Just check your button box, good-will's button area or a craft store for buttons. Grab your buttons - four brown for the trunk, however many you want for the tree of various sizes, one star- and twine. You'll need about 9" of twine - depending on the size of your "tree" - begin with stringing the trunk, add the buttons for the tree - biggest to smallest - and top it off with the star. Use the additional twine at the top to make a hanger - have fun making this ornament with your grandchildren! They can help sort buttons and string buttons . . . this is a great ornament for them to make for their teachers!

The Paperclip Angel ornament is also a fun one for grandchildren to help you make! Just twist your paperclip until you have the body and wings for your angel. String a pearl bead for the head, attach to the paperclip and tie a loop for hanging! Pretty simple!

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