Friday, September 14, 2012

Enter Your Ornament in My Ornament Contest!

Clear ornament, artificial snow, and paint pens.  Cute and easy!Hooray! One person - so far - has emailed me their ornament pattern for my ornament contest! Thank you Sarah Yurga!!! There is still time for you to email me a pattern for an ornament you make! (

I thought I'd share another ornament pattern with you which I found on Pinterest. This cute and fun snowman is sooo easy to make . . . all you need are clear, acrylic ornaments, fake snow - or even white "icicles" and a paint pen. Fill your ornament with the fake snow/icicles then draw on the face features and "voila" you have a fun ornament to hang on your tree or give as gifts! This is such a simple ornament you could involve your grandchildren in making snowmen and then they could give them to their teachers, neighbors or friends to spread some Holiday cheer!

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