Wednesday, September 12, 2012

grandma's cookbook - Caramel Apple Bites!

Caramel Apple Bites.  I love this so much more than whole caramel apples... So much cleaner!Fall is upon us! In this area of Michigan, Fall = Apples! I enjoy caramel apples, but do not like biting into them, so when  I saw this recipe for caramel apple bites on Pinterest, well, I had to share it  with you . . . and I will be making it with my grandsons, soon!

Just follow the link and you'll find complete directions for making a batch of your own caramel apple bites - they would be lots of fun for a Fall harvest party or just for a fun treat! When might you make caramel apple bites?


  1. I was thinking it was going to be something to do with a microwave and a small wrapped caramel..I was wrong...LOL..cute idea.