Saturday, September 22, 2012

Operation Christmas Child - Involve Your Grandchildren and Family!

Operation Christmas ChildDo you remember Christmas when you were a child? I do! I LOVED Christmas! I loved everything about Christmas . . . although, admittedly, as a child I loved the "fluff" of Christmas more than what Christmas was really all about. I loved putting up the Christmas tree - I remember one year my parents took us out, in the snow, to find and cut our own tree - since I wasn't a huge fan of snow . . . and we lived in Michigan so there was lots of it . . . while it was fun to go pick a tree and cut it down, it was too cold for me! I loved the Spritz cookies my mom made each year and how we got to help decorate them . . . and of course eat them! I loved watching the Christmas specials on TV - particularly Rudolph and the Little Drummer Boy. I loved spending Christmas at our cottage and I especially loved opening presents on Christmas morning . . . we had to wait for our parents to get up to see our gifts and I always wondered if they would EVER wake up!!!! How could they possibly stay in bed so long on Christmas morning???? 

When my children were little I loved Christmas even more as I planned the gifts we were going to give them and was able to see their delight at finding out what was in the packages! As a grandma, I thoroughly enjoy Christmas - choosing gifts, putting up the tree, making cookies, giving gifts to my grandson and most importantly, telling them about Jesus! If you ask my family, they will tell you I absolutely LOVE Christmas! I plan all year for the gifts I'm going to give my family . . . I LOVE to give gifts!!!!

So, knowing there are children around the world who do not even receive one gift . . . and more importantly, do not know about the Best Gift ever . . . Jesus . . . well, this breaks my heart. So, I can not even begin to express how much I LOVE Operation Christmas Child! Along with the fun of celebrating Christmas with my family, we are involving our grandsons in packing boxes to send to little boys around the world so they will be able to have gifts for Christmas! We talk with Josiah about how the most important thing these little boys will receive is the opportunity to learn about Jesus because He is the Best Gift ever!

There is still time to involve your grandchildren and family with Operation Christmas Child. Why might you want to do this? Good question. Consider the following top three answers . . .
  1. most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to share Jesus with children - and families - around the world and Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year to do so!
  2. it gives you the opportunity to "put feet to their faith" as your grandchildren and family focuses on giving to others instead of the gifts they will receive!
  3. it allows children who otherwise might not receive gifts, to have the opportunity to experience the joy and delight of receiving a Christmas gift!
There are many more reasons to involve your grandchildren and family with Operation Christmas Child, but these are three good ones! If you haven't already, please decide to get involved with Operation Christmas Child this year!

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  1. Thank you for this. Got the instructions off the website. My grands Kaylie, 5, and Rickard, 4, are going shopping with me to each fill a box for a child who is the same age and gender as each of them. We have a drop location near my house. They are quite excited.