Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ornament Contest - Christmas Cookie Ornament - Sylvia Perkins

I'm happy to share directions for another ornament in our ornament contest! Today's ornament - from Sylvia Perkins - Christmas Cookie Ornament!

Sylvia said, "I use a cookie cutter - star is my favorite - and trace two on tan colored felt. I then trace one more on white felt and cut about 1/4 inch off all around the edges of the white so it is a bit smaller than the tan. Sew some multi-colored seed beads on the white "frosting" for "sprinkles" and glue the white "frosting" to one piece of the tan felt. Add a ribbon for hanging and and stitch the two pieces of tan felt together . . . "voila" - a Christmas cookie! You can use any cookie cutter - stars, trees, gingerbread men . . . whatever you like. These also make great gift toppers!   

Thank you for sharing this quick and easy ornament, Sylvia!

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