Monday, September 10, 2012

Ornament Contest . . . Here's an Ornament I Made!

A few days ago I announced my new "contest" . . . this time a contest to find the ornament you'd most like to make for Christmas! I said, "Christmas is only three and a half months away, so I thought it would be fun to have a contest where you can share your best pattern or directions to make your favorite Christmas ornament! I'll post a few of my favorite ornament patterns over the next few days - although they, of course, won't be entered in the contest! If you have an ornament you like to make, please share the directions/pattern by September 15, 2012. I'll post each entry the following week and then open voting from September 23, 2012 through September 30, 2012." (Please email your ornament pattern to me -

So . . . I thought it would be fun to share an ornament I've made. I don't remember where I originally saw this ornament, but it could have been in an issue of Crafting Traditions. I do remember I took the pattern idea and "tweaked" it a bit, so instead of just being a "gingerbread" ornament, I made a gingerbread angel ornament. This pattern is sooo easy to make . . . you could involve your grandchildren in making this ornament for their teachers, parents and for their own tree! 

All you need is paper lunch bags, paper towels, a sewing machine, white pearl puff paint, paint or permanent ink pens, fabric scraps, glue, buttons, crafting wire, beads, a cookie cutter, twiine and hot glue sticks. Trace your cookie cutter onto your paper bags - two for each ornament so you have a front and back. If you want to make a "girl" just trace around the ornament to the bottom, but not the legs - draw a line to make a "skirt" instead and "voila" - you have a gingerbread "angel"!

Trace your cookie cutter onto paper towels and cut all shapes out. Place paper towel between paper bag "angels" and sew together using your sewing machine. Sew all the way around. Cut a heart from your scrap fabric and glue in place. Glue buttons in place. Use your puff paint to add details and paint/permanent ink pens to make eyes, mouth and add "stitches to the fabric heart. Twist wire into "wings" and add a bead for fun, cut a hanger from twine then glue hanger and wings in place with hot glue gun.

So . . . what ornaments have you made? Please take a moment to share your ornament by emailing me the pattern - photo if possible! I'll post the ornament patterns so you can all vote for the one you'd like to make . . . and of course I'll put together a prize package! 

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