Monday, September 17, 2012

Ornament Contest - Santa's Naughty List by Sarah Yurga

This week I'll be sharing each of the ornament directions which have been shared for my ornament contest! On Friday I'll let you know what is in the prize package and then on Sunday - September 23, 2012, voting begins! The first ornament idea was sent to me by Sarah Yurga . . . Santa's Naughty List.

Sarah said, "This is an ornament I made 2 years ago and I call it Santa's naughty List.  I painted a wooden spool, glued paper on it like a scroll and carefully wrote all of our names on it.  I strung ribbon through the hole in the spool and there you go.  Easy to make...I also made one with the list my daughter had sent to Santa for the year.  I make one every year so we can remember who was on her list."

Sounds simple and fun! Thank you Sarah for sharing!

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