Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today is the Last Day to Enter Your Ornament in the Contest!

Dip baby's foot in glue and then press foot onto the ornament. Then glitter the ornament. Can also use a bigger child's hand!Yes, today is the last day to enter your ornament in my ornament contest! What ornaments do you like to make for Christmas? Do you have a recipe for a dough ornament? Do you have a pattern for a knitted or crocheted ornament? Do you take acrylic or glass ornaments and add paint, or glitter, or ??? and end up with something really special? Do you make ornaments with photos? Do you use spools or blocks of wood to make ornaments? Have you made an ornament from a bell? What ornament have you made which you are willing to share in my ornament contest? Please take a moment to email the directions to me - a photo would be great -

I'll share the ornaments and then you all will be able to vote for the ornament you like the best! The winner will receive a prize package from me - so far it has a couple books, a movie and a plush puppet in it! So, please take a moment and email me your favorite ornament directions!

I thought I'd share another ornament I found on Pinterest with you! It is really simple to make - just use a foam brush and "paint" your baby's feet - or hands - with glue and then make "glue-prints" on an ornament. Sprinkle with glitter, allow to dry and "voila" you have a wonderful ornament! You could use a paint pen to personalize with the name of the child and the year for a special, added touch! Be sure your ornament is big enough to "hold" the print - you could do this with older children if you can find an ornament which their hand "fits" on!

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  1. I can't wait to do popcorn garland with my daughter this year! She just turned 3 last week and she loves crafts and we eat popcorn almost every day. I think she will be THRILLED to make popcorn garland for the tree! I remember doing it every year with my nana :) not that this is an ornament but it will be fun for the tree