Sunday, September 23, 2012

Voting is Open . . . Please Vote!

Yes, voting is open in grandma's cookie jar's first Christmas Ornament Contest! If you look to the right you'll see a poll - just click on the button next to the ornament you like the best! You can vote once between now and Saturday, September 30, 2012 and then on Sunday, October 1, 2012 I'll announce the winner!

When I announced the prize package yesterday, Jenny suggested I put a link next to each option in the poll so you are more easily able to find out about each ornament idea . . . great idea! Thank you Jenny!

There are five ornament ideas/directions which have been submitted for the contest including; Sarah Yurga's Santa's Naughty List, Alicia Cortes Crystal Ornaments, Nicole's Popcorn Garland, Sylvia Perkin's Felt Christmas Cookie Ornaments and Lori Layne's Snowman OrnamentPlease check these out and then vote for the one you like the best!

Thank you Sarah, Alicia, Nicole, Sylvia and Lori for sharing your ornament ideas and thank you everyone for voting for the ornament you like the best!

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  1. Thanks, I LOVE seeing the links and I also love that you posted all the pictures so then we can visually remember them all! I'm voting right now! Well, right after I send this message, LOL! Thanks Grandma's Cookie Jar!