Thursday, November 29, 2012

crafting with grandma - Crocheted Nativity Set

Years ago I made a crocheted nativity set from a pattern I bought from Annie's Attic. I looked on Pinterest and found one which is similar so if you would like to make your own set, you could try this one. The pattern from Annie's Attic made large figures, but I used small hooks and crochet cotton for small figures which I put in my tree each year. I like being able to keep the focus of my tree on the Reason for the Season!

Originally I had more angels and shepherds and sheep, but my son's Springer Spaniel got ahold of them and, well, they didn't hold up too well to his "playing" with them!

This year, Josiah decorated my tree for me! He hung the ornaments and placed the nativity set . . . he did a wonderful job . . . even when younger brother Caleb kept taking the ornaments off the tree to put them back in their boxes! 

My tree goes up each year after Thanksgiving dinner . . . once the tree is up, the gifts come out and each time the boys are here between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they get to open a gift . . . mostly small things like books, Matchbox cars, Beanie Babies and their One-Eyed Monster hats! Of course the boys completely approve of my "gift policy"! :-) I love to spread out the fun and of course take the opportunity to talk about the Best Gift Ever - Jesus and how we can give to others! This year they chose bunnies from WorldHelp's Gifts of Hope Catalog and ducks from World Vision's Gift Catalog to give to families in need around the world.

How do you decorate your tree? What traditions do you enjoy with your family?

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