Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cute, Easy Thanksgiving Turkeys!

Gobble, gobble! Make a paper tube turkey craftI am one very happy grandma! On Thursday my children and grandchildren and parents will all be at my house for Thanksgiving dinner! I'm fixing a turkey breast in the slow cooker with cut apples, rosemary and thyme, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing (I put mashed potatoes in my stuffing!) and I'm making rolls! My mom is bringing the pumpkin pie and corn and my daughter-in-law is bringing applesauce or cranberries! It will be a wonderful dinner . . . even if we are NOT having marshmallows and fish which my sweet Josiah says is his "favorite" food! :-)

After dinner, we will put up the Christmas tree and put the gifts under the tree . . . at least the ones I have wrapped . . . which is what I'll be doing today and tomorrow! Of course, at that point, everyone will get to open a gift! I love to spread out the fun and plan for small gifts - books, matchbox cars, etc - for my grandsons to open when they are at my house between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

So, I was thinking, it might be a good - and fun - idea to have something ready for the boys to do while they wait for the tree to go up, or for something they can help with. As I browsed on Pinterest I found the perfect idea . . . cardboard tube and handprint turkeys!

Just follow the link for easy-to-follow directions and set a few supplies aside - I'm planning to use plain paper for the turkey "feathers" and will let the boys color them before we trace their hands and cut them out! Caleb LOVES to color!!! I'll also let them color the eyes - since small buttons can be choking hazards - but they are sure to have a lot of fun making their turkeys . . . and so will this grandma! :-)

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