Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey . . . Kids Can Make!

Turkey with Hand and Footprints - Great for the kiddos to celebrate Turkey Day!Thanksgiving is just four days away! I can hardly wait! Josiah told me mashed potatoes, gravy and fish with marshmallows are his favorite foods! Well, we are NOT having fish with marshmallows, but I can be sure to have the other two for him! Plus, we are having stuffing - and I put mashed potatoes in my stuffing . . . Josiah said even though he does not know what stuffing is, if it has mashed potatoes in it, then he probably will like it! - turkey breast - which I'm fixing in my slow cooker with cut apples, pumpkin pie, rolls, corn, apple sauce . . . the traditional Thanksgiving fare!

I was browsing on Pinterest and found an adorable foot and handprint turkey . . . it looks like it would be great fun to make! Just follow the link for complete directions and have fun making a whole "flock" of turkeys with your grandchildren!

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