Friday, December 14, 2012

grandma's favorites - Dolls!

Over the past year I've had the opportunity to review and give-away, several dolls. When I review American Girl dolls and a Girl for All Time dolls, I give away the doll I get in for review. In the past year I've reviewed - and given away - four American Girl dolls and two Girl for All Time dolls. These are truly lovely dolls and dolls which are sure to be loved by any little girl who receives them! 

I really love the attention to design and the details - and quality - which American Girl and a Girl for All Time puts into each doll. These dolls are beautiful to the smallest detail and they are dolls which can be tucked away when a girl no longer plays with them and then brought out one day in the future to delight a daughter or granddaughter all over again!

So, the dolls I've reviewed are . . . 
  • Marie-Grace American Girl Doll (You'll find my review at this link) I had this to say about Marie-Grace; "I found the Marie-Grace doll to be charming and, as is expected of American Girl, made with great attention to detail. She is, '18 inches tall with light skin, aquamarine eyes, and long brown hair styled in braids and tied back with ribbons. She arrives in a plaid, pink taffeta dress trimmed with lace, white pantalettes, knee-length stockings, and two-tone boots, and comes with a Meet Marie-Grace paperback book written by Sarah Masters Buckey.'"
  • Kanani American Girl Doll of the Year 2011 (You'll find the review at this link) I had this to say about Kanani; "Kanani is a very beautiful doll, with all the quality you would expect from American Girl. Kanani is a cheerful Hawaiian girl who loves to help others and share the "Aloha spirit" of Hawaii! She wears a bright  ropical dress, a faux hibiscus flower, a pretend kukui nut necklace, ruffled sandals, and cotton underwear. She’s soft and huggable with long hair for styling. Includes the Aloha, Kanani paperback book."
  • McKenna American Girl Doll of the Year 2012 (You'll find the review at this link) I had this to say about McKenna; "This doll has all the features we have come to expect, and love, from American Girl dolls . . . she has a soft body with vinyl head, arms and legs. McKenna has long, caramel-colored hair and truly beautiful blue eyes. In the book which comes with the doll, girls will learn McKenna loves gymnastics and struggles to do her best in school. She has to learn to accept help from others and as she does, she discovers ways to help her friends, too!"
  • Caroline Abbott American Girl Doll (You'll find my review at this link) I  ad this to say about Caroline; "Caroline is absolutely lovely . . . she is 18" tall, with light aquamarine eyes which open and close, waist-length golden-blond hair which can be braided and styled, and she arrives in an  mpire-waist dress authentic to her era. Caroline is soft and huggable and sure to be a friend any girl who receives her will cherish . . . and since she is an heirloom-quality doll, she is sure to be loved by future generations as well!"
I'll post about the Girl for All Time dolls, tomorrow!


  1. Great reviews! I was just thinking about you earlier- I was putting my daughter Caroline to bed tonight and as I lay with her she said "Mom, when I get bigger can we get an American Girl doll for me?" The way she meekly asked made my heart melt and I told her maybe...

    I can't wait for Christmas! She will be SHOCKED to open the Caroline doll I won in your unbelievable giveaway!!! Thank you for making this little girl's year! Our kids know money is tight and we will be keeping it simple. But it was a huge blessing to see how happy her sisters are for her to get such a nice gift. Thanks again!