Saturday, January 26, 2013

101 FREE Photos - Yes, I said, 101!!!

Go to the Shutterfly home page.Do you have photos from Christmas in your camera? Do you have photos on your computer which you planned to have printed so you could add them to photo books or frames? Well, if you are like me, you answered both questions with, "yes"! 

But, I can happily say this is no longer the case for me! In my "in-box" this morning I found an email from Shutterfly with a code for 101 FREE photos! Yes, 101!!!! So, I spent some time . . . well, in all honesty, a fair amount of time . . .  going through those photos which I had intended to have printed, but never did - and did the difficult . . . well, the VERY difficult job of choosing just 101 . . . I actually went over a bit! :-) After all, I'm a grandma so how could I not?!!! :-)

Now, in just a few days a package will arrive at my door with photos of sweet grandchildren!!!! What could be better? 

So . . . just in case you'd like to have a package of your prints arrive at your door in a few days, here is the code - GET101PRINTS - and keep in mind - it is only good through January 27, 2013, so don't waste any time thinking about it - just go make your selections! (Oh, and you will have to pay shipping and for any photos over the 101) Enjoy!