Friday, January 18, 2013

Floppets . . . Fun . . . Collectible & a Give-Away!

Kids have always loved to collect things . . . I remember when my kids were young, pogs became collectible. Well, there is a new thing available for kids to collect and your grandchildren are likely to be happy to do so - if they are not already!

Floppets are here! What is a "Floppet", you ask? Well, as Floppet says, "Floppets are 
small collectible toys which can be attached with a velcro loop strap to backpacks, flip flops, fingers, toes, and clothes for young children to exhibit their own sense of style, while also decorating, personalizing and accessorizing their belongings. Floppets are friends who like to cling to most anything, especially other Floppets. They prefer to be close to you, however, as long as they are holding on to something safe, they are usually OK with holding on to other things. Floppets can be attached to Flip Flops, Fingers, Wrists, Necklaces, Pencils, Back Packs, Shoe Laces, Ear Buds, and most any other safe thing."

There are dozens of Floppets available to collect . . . my favorites are the Petlets, Munchkin Monsters (especially the one-eyed monster; after all, Josiah does love to protect me from one-eyed monsters!), Dragkins, Botokins and of course - Star Trek Floppets! These are just some of the Floppets available so as you can see, there are likely Floppets your grandchildren will love! (Standard Publishing even uses Floppets as their daily item to send home with kids to help them remember the Bible point for the day in their 2013 VBS!)

I think Floppets are a fun, collectible toy and make a unique item you could get to surprise your grandchildren, give as an add-on-gift at a birthday, or even mail to just brighten their day! I'm happy to see so many Floppets available and the affordable price - $1.99 to $3.95 each depending on the Floppet. 

Floppets can be used in dozens of ways and are sure to be a hit with kids! I'm happy to say, not only did Floppets send me some to review, but they are also making additional Floppets available for me to give away (USA only)! If you'd like to be in the drawing for Floppets, which will be on February 2, 2013, please comment below to let me know if you have followed on Google+, Google Friend Connect, followed by liking on facebook with the tab in the "Find us on Facebook" box ON THE BLOG (not just liking the post) and/or have followed grandma's cookie jar by email. For each of these which you have done you will receive one entry. In addition, if you "share" this post, you'll receive an additional entry (please let me know if you share). This will help me be able to draw names from among people who would like to win a Floppet and it gives you several ways to enter the give-away! Thank you for reading grandma's cookie jar and for sharing it with the people you know!